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Middle-Eastern-Style Eggplant Burger

We love burgers and I often make them – low-carb-style of course!
Who says a delicious burger should be enveloped in a bun?
Even pre-low-carb, I’ve always thought that a bad bun can ruin a good burger…
So – just skip it altogether and make this yummy eggplant burger:

Middle-Eastern-Style Banting Burger {LCHF}

We normally grill burgers over hot coals to give it that smoky, flame-grilled taste, but sometimes when I’m pressed for time, I just grill them on the stove in a cast-iron grill pan.

This is key – it really gives it that authentic burger flavour.
I also use the same pan / grill to cook all the elements, adding to the flavour.

Homemade burgers are quick and easy to make, the kids love it and they see it as a treat, plus it’s really cost-effective too.

Give this eggplant burger a try – I’m sure you’re going to love it!!

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Middle-Eastern-Style Eggplant Burger {Grain-Free, LCHF, Paleo}

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