Dessert: Low Carb Treats

Raspberry Coco-Pops

The first thing that springs to mind when I hear ‘raspberry coco-pops’, to be honest, is that sugary chocolate cereal we had on occasion as kids…
{Yes, you know the ones…}

Don’t run away – this is not that!

No, these ‘coco-pops’ are raspberry & coconut popsicles {ice lollies} – see what I did there..? ;)

Raspberry-Coco Pops {Raspberry & Coconut Low Carb, Sugar-Free Posicles}

They’re super-easy to make, contains only 3 ingredients and is perfect to cool you down on a hot summer’s eve.
{And did you know that raspberries are the lowest in carbs of all the berries..?}

Last week we experienced one of the most hectic heatwaves ever here in Joburg and I could have done with some of these… Seriously.
So now I’ve made a whole batch to see me through the next heatwave…

Besides, it’s summer now; heatwave or no heatwave; and we all like something cool and decadent, don’t we?

[recipe title=”Raspberry Coco-Pops” servings=”10″ time=”10 minutes + overnight” difficulty=”easy”]

You will need:

1 tin of coconut cream
1 tin of regular cream {measured out with the tin from the coconut cream}
1 1/2 tins of frozen raspberries

Put everything into a blender, blitz until smooth and pour into ice cream moulds.

You could even use large ice cube trays for small popsicles – just the right size for late-night nibbles…

Insert wooden ice cream sticks and freeze overnight.

Raspberry-Coco Pops {Raspberry & Coconut Low Carb, Sugar-Free Posicles}

See – I told you these were easy to make!!

So, whip up a batch of these tasty little raspberry coco-pops and welcome the next heatwave with open arms…
{Just kidding – we don’t want any more heatwaves like this one!}

It also makes a great after-school treat for the kids: it will cool them down, keep them busy and keep hungry tummies in check until dinner-time.


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