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Ricotta Stuffed Aubergine Rolls

Slivers of roasted aubergine, stuffed with creamy ricotta, basil pesto and mozzarella cheese, rolled up and smothered in a rich roast tomato sauce…
That, my friends, is my ricotta stuffed aubergine roll dish that I made for this month’s Ingredient Challenge.

It’s rich, cheesy and full of flavour.

Ricotta Stuffed Aubergine rolls

My mom used to make a similar dish when we were kids and it was my absolute favourite thing in the whole world!

This is really a meal by itself, you don’t need to serve it with anything.
And it’s all done in one pot – yay! You could even bake these in smaller single-serving cocottes… {Why didn’t I think of that earlier?!}

I get together with a group of bloggers each month and we create delicious recipes using a key ingredient for each month.
Our ingredient for this month’s challenge was ricotta cheese.

Ricotta is such a deliciously light cheese and perfect for a low carb lifestyle.
It can be used in sweet and savoury dishes and works really well in baked dishes along with other Italian flavours.

I paired it with the classics: rich tomato sauce, basil pesto and roasted eggplant {aubergine} – buon appetito!

Ricotta Stuffed Aubergine Rolls {with Basil Pesto in a Tomato Sauce - LCHF, Banting}

Also a great dish for cheese-eating vegetarians – or Meat-Free Monday.

How do you like to use ricotta? I’d love to know!

Also, please check out my fellow bloggers’ delicious and creative ricotta recipes below – and if you like our recipes, please share! x


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